A Single Step

"A journey of a thousand miles, must begin with a single step." - Lao Tzu

Before starting college, all Freshmen were required to read The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell. The general understanding of the book was that when we are trying to make an idea or attitude or product tip, we are trying to change our audience in some small yet critical respect. This movement can be done through the influence of a special kind of people that can create extraordinary personal connection (Law of Few). It can also be done by changing the content of communication so that it sticks in someone's mind and compels them to act (Stickness). Lastly, understanding that small changes in context can be just as important in tipping epidemics even though the facts may appear to violate assumptions of human nature (Power of Context).

It's funny how powerful concepts can seem so unimportant to a newly graduated senior caring less about a reading assignment and more about living on her own for the first time in her life. Yet, as this year has unfolded, I am reminded more and more of this book, its teachings, and how we can put those ideas into real world applications when considering how to move forward as the Democratic Party of Hamilton County Indiana.

My name is Tracy Roberts. Up until November of 2016, I was like many Americans. I had voted in every election, including primaries (ok so maybe a little more politically fanatical than most Americans). I had always tried to stay informed, but I had and will probably always have a real addiction for knowing everything about every Real Housewife of Anywhere. Basically, I was just a pretty average person living in an average town going about my average life. I remember the first thing I said November 9th. I asked my husband (who had stayed up much later than me), "is it bad?" He looked at me and with a sympathetic frown confirmed what the pit in my stomach told me. In the days and weeks that followed I battled an overwhelming sense of guilt at doing nothing for the election that I thought was "in the bag".

I found an outlet for my grief, anger, and restlessness in Action Together of Hamilton County. I also found amazing new friends as well as a new belief in myself that I didn't kn

ow was there. The passion and resourcefulness all the ATHC members exhibit have given me faith that we can still make a change in this world. This is the beginning of a new era where little blue dots are all coming together and realize they're already a part of something greater.

We are the tipping point of our generation. We are the connectors, mavens, and salespeople who aren't content with standing on the sidelines and letting our lives be dictated for us anymore. I'm a 30 year old white female. I'm from Valparaiso Indiana. I have a Masters degree in Architecture. I've worked in factories, retail, and corporate America. I have two beautiful children and a loving husband of 8 years. I'm a self proclaimed Maven and an INFJ. I am a proud blue dot in a red city, county, state, and country and I can't wait to show you the amazing things these blue dots are doing right now.

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