Indiana State Senate

Derek Camp | District 31


Derek Camp is the son of a working-class family who earned his degree from Purdue University and now lives in Lawrence with his wife, Nicole. As a millennial, Derek pledges to bring a fresh perspective to the problems and needs that affect our communities and limit our potential for excellence. These problems include the absence of statewide Pre-K for our youngest citizens, the crushing college debt that limits the choices of our graduating students, aging roads that afflict our cities and towns and the damage done to our reputation with American businesses over short-sighted failures like RFRA and mass-transit planning. Above all, Derek recognizes that
supporting and improving our schools is the best way to build a better Indiana for all of its citizens.

Christina Fivecoate | District 21


Christina Fivecoate moved to Kokomo in 2003, where she and her husband live with their daughter, while her son is enrolled in college. At the age of 30, Christina began college and worked at the public library. She was moved to run for the State Senate by the frustration at her representatives’ lack of responsiveness to her concerns. With the incumbents insulated and disconnected, Christina decided to stand up and
fight for the people in District 21 and the things that matter to them: good jobs, a living wage for everyone, affordable health care, creative efforts to attack the opioid epidemic and fair representation of the public, free of the gerrymandering used to protect career politicians. @fivecoate21

J.D. Ford | District 29


The son of a truck driver and an assisted care facility aide, J.D. Ford’s upbringing gave him a healthy respect for hard work and the sacrifices people make to ensure a better life for their children. An Indianapolis resident, J.D. is running for Indiana Senate District 29 to make sure that all Hoosiers have a voice in our state government. He has also worked for local non-profits at the senior leadership level, and currently is substitute teaching to help kids and to get a better sense of Indiana’s educational system from inside the classroom. It’s no surprise that education is one of J.D.’s top priorities, and he is also committed to improving the economy, ensuring fair elections, promoting equality for all citizens and protecting the environment.

Poonam Gill | District 88


An Indianapolis native, Poonam Gill lives in Fishers with her husband and three young children. She was educated at Purdue as an electrical engineer, so it is no surprise that she is an avid promoter of STEM fields. As we might expect, she also is an ardent advocate for public education and school safety. Poonam champions the concept of fairness to voters, which requires that voting districts be based on geographic logic, rather than gerrymandering designed to keep politicians in office who no longer represent the majority of voters. Poonam realizes that our communities and state work best when government leaders work to unite people.

Amie Neiling | District 32


Amie Neiling is a proud Hoosier, born and raised in Indiana, living in the Hamilton Heights School District for the past 13 years. Amie credits her time working with vulnerable populations for sparking her passion for education. Amie understands that now is the time for change in Indiana and she intends to be the strong voice and advocate for constituents that District 32 needs. Amie is the only candidate who will work to implement progressive policies like redistricting reform, improving healthcare access, investing in our infrastructure and pushing for common sense gun control legislation.

Mark Hinton | District 39


Mark Hinton is running for House District 39 because he believes the Indiana Legislature needs to be more proactive in addressing the issues that will impact Hoosiers’ futures—issues like stagnant wages, inadequate support for education and aging infrastructure. Mark recognizes that band-aid fixes end up costing Hoosiers far more than better-planned solutions. Educated at Purdue, Mark has extensive experience providing services to people through planning through his work in hospitality and healthcare management. He supports efforts to create an economy with opportunities for all Hoosiers to contribute, and an education system where teachers are fully supported and valued.

Tracy Roberts | District 29


Tracy Roberts is running for House District 29 out of a sense of service to the state her family has called home for three generations. Educated at Ball State University,
Tracy is an architect focusing on residential architecture and has long participated in organizations serving others, most recently working with Habitat for Humanity. Tracy
recognizes that education at all levels, beginning with Pre-K, plays a critical role in enabling all Hoosiers to earn a living wage. She supports government efforts to proactively address transportation problems with consideration of solutions such as light rail to help people in urban areas commute more quickly and safely, while enabling business owners to draw from a larger pool of employees. Tracy is trained to design solutions for people’s needs and wants to bring that mindset to the representation of District 29.