Indiana House of Representatives

Naomi Bechtold | District 24


Naomi believes in the value of public education and child safety, including the virtue of a deep look at the causes of gun violence; the economic value of improving our
infrastructure and protecting our natural environment for the benefit of all Hoosiers. Naomi also advocates for bipartisan redistricting, so that voters get to choose their government officials, rather than letting politicians choose their voters. Trained for government, experienced in service and committed to Hoosiers needs, Naomi wants to represent the citizens of District 24.

Aimee Rivera Cole | District 37


Aimee is committed to providing our public schools with the resources they need to provide a high-quality education for all children. She believes that when high-quality educators are empowered to educate based on their expertise and experience, students can achieve their best results. Aimee also thinks Hoosier Hospitality means hospitality for all, including a strong economy so that every resident of Indiana capable of working can find a quality job with reasonable pay. She wants to see our state make the type of long-term investments in infrastructure that will promote jobs, safety, the environment and quality of life for our citizens.