Clay Township Offices

David B. Russ | Township Trustee

As a candidate for Clay Township Trustee, David will focus on freezing annual rate  increases by the TriCo Regional Waste District, ensuring that Township Assistance funds are used appropriately, and appointing citizens to the TriCo board who share his sense of fiscal responsibility.

Kevin Patterson | Township Board

A proud husband and father, Kevin seeks more transparency, financial accountability
and a greater effort to engage everyone who lives in Clay Township in making it an
even better place to live and work.

Erin Vahrenkamp | Township Board

Erin is committed to ensuring that all citizens are represented in local government and that families in need of assistance are not left behind. She is an advocate for making the township government more transparent and accessible to citizens through technology, as well as increasing fiscal responsibility.

Michael Sweeten | Township Board

A Vietnam veteran, Michael will seek to add clarity for all residents with regard to the use of tax dollars. Additionally, Michael is committed to the reduction of township board salaries to free up funds for more community services.