This great slate of Democratic candidates will protect Hoosiers’ health care, build an economy that works for all, bring back integrity to our government, and restore the soul of America.




VICE PRESIDENT | Kamala Harris


U.S. CONGRESS (IN 5) | Christina Hale



GOVERNOR | Woody Myers

LT. GOVERNOR | Linda Lawson

ATTORNEY GENERALJonathan Weinzapfel

SENATE (20) Ronnie Saunders


SENATE (30) Fady Qaddoura

HOUSE (24) Naomi Bechtold

HOUSE (29)  | Mike Vick

HOUSE (37)  | Aimee Rivera Cole


HOUSE (39) Ashley Klein


HOUSE (88) Pam Dechert





AUDITOR Mike Roberts


TREASURER | Jake Madore

SURVEYOR | Brad Beer


COMMISSIONER (3) Dan Montgomery


COUNCIL (AT-LARGE) Gardiner Bink


COUNCIL (AT-LARGE) Victor Schleich


Attention Straight Ticket voters: If you vote for a straight democratic ticket, that will not include votes for the Hamilton County Council At-Large candidates: you must cast separate votes for Hamilton County Council At-Large.  There are 3 open positions but you can choose to vote for 0, 1, 2, or 3 candidates. Increase the power of your vote by voting only for our 2 Democrats for County Council At-Large candidates even though you are allowed to select up to 3 candidates. 

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